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Issue 2 packs 16 articles into its 140 pages with words and photos from: Sven Martin, Boris ‘Mad Dog’ Beyer, Laurence Crossman-Emms, Ric McLaughlin, Samantha Saskia Dugon, Dylan Dunkerton, Olly Forster, Zach Faulkner, Dan Griffiths, Haruki 'Harookz' Noguchi, Joe Killen, Ian Linton, Baxter Maiwald, Jon Beckett, Jackson Davis and coach to the stars, Alan Milway.

IN THIS ISSUE: Brendan Fairclough, Jill Kintner, Baxter Maiwald, Jackson Davies, Curtis Robinson, Miranda Miller, Chris Kovarik, Finn Isles, Charlie Hatton, Matty Miles, Sam Hill, Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard, Kaos Seagrave, Andrew Neethling, Matt Hunter, Dylan Dunkerton, Evan 'Inty' Young, Allan Cooke, Garret Mechem, and last, but not least, Tommy Wilkinson.